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Shipping and Delivery

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Delivering Digital Products

File Delivery Process

➡️Once You Place Order.

➡️Check Your Mail You Will Also Receive Thank You For Shopping With Product Details.

➡️There Will Download Button Click & Download PDF From There.

➡️Once You Download PDF Click On The Template Link ( Find Template Link On PDF) From the PDF You Will Be Taken To Google Drive.

When a customer purchases a digital product, it is delivered directly to their computer or device. Examples of digital products include:

  • software
  • films
  • music
  • games
  • e-books
  • reports
  • training materials

There are different ways you could deliver digital goods.


We deliver small files eg directly to the customer via email. After purchasing a product from your e-commerce site, the customer receives their goods. The advantage of this method is that it is very easy to set up.

Autoresponse emails

Once the customer has confirmed their purchase, we send them an email. The email will contain an attachment or a link that they can click to download the digital product.

Download page

Once the online payment is done, the website automatically takes the customer to a download page. They can access the file from this page.